Fort Lauderdale: A Golden Beach Paradise

Although there’s much to see and do along the Gold Coast, you haven’t truly been here until you’ve slathered on tanning lotion and laid out a towel on the miles of beaches. From Palm Beach down to Miami-Dade, there are miles and miles of soft sand that have lured both residents and tourists to take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. In the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, stretching from Deerfield Beach down south to Hollywood, there are 23 miles of beaches and plenty of affordable places for families or Spring Break partygoers to enjoy the sun. With so many activities, it’s a one-stop shop for a day of fun:  tanning, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, wave-running and more. The beaches are also a walk away from a litany of restaurants and bars, so anyone could truly spend their entire day here.

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