Michael Góngora Hopes to Become Miami Beach’s First Openly Gay Mayor

Michael Gongora (Dale Stine)

Michael Gongora (Dale Stine)

He may have a baby face, but he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Michael Góngora, 43, has risen the ranks of Miami Beach politics, first helping with a campaign and now in the race for the seat of mayor in November. Not just an ordinary race, his win could make history with Miami Beach voting in its first openly gay mayor in the battlegrounds of hate and bigotry in the days of Anita Bryant.

“He feels that he’s at a point and he really wanted to go for it. He felt he would be more effective running for mayor than he would be for running for city commission again, which I agree with and I completely support,” said his step sister, Maya Sherrill.

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