Cirque Du Soleil: Amaluna at Sun Life Stadium in Miami


Photo courtesy Cirque du Soleil


Under the yellow and blue tent at Sun Life stadium was the hidden world of Amaluna, and the night can be summed up in one word: magnifique!

On the island of Amaluna is population of strong women, from Amazonian goddesses to moon queens and mischievous girls reminiscent of nymphs. During the coming of age ceremony of Miranda, the queen’s daughter, a tempest is created and a group of sailors are swept up onto the shores of Amaluna. At first glance, Prince Romeo falls in love with Miranda, but the creatures of Amaluna will have none of that.

In the show, costumes are vibrant, inspired by peacocks, fire, water, and celestial beings and the music is played and sung by an all-female cast — in fact, 70 percent of the cast is women in this ode to the supposedly fairer sex. With each act, children and adults alike will gasp at the feats performed by these incredible athletes, dancers, and acrobats, from high-flying aerial dancing, Miranda’s impressive exhibition of flexibility and balance at the water bowl, Cali the lizard man’s mastery of juggling, and boasts of pure muscle as Prince Romeo climbs up the Chinese poll.

For 30 years, Cirque du Soleil has been putting on breathtaking shows the world over, and its newest show, Amaluna, will leave its audience impressed wherever they go. The show runs through Jan. 25, 2015. Tickets are $30 to $295. For more information, click here.

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