CLEAR Comes to Miami


Once seen as a way to dart around the world with ease, now air travel feels like a hassle, what with precariously balancing your carry-on luggage and laptop bag while removing almost every article of clothing at security. To combat this, more and more programs are allowing travelers to speed through security and check out lines, and the next big thing is CLEAR, which celebrated its arrival at the Miami International Airport on May 20th. The 12th airport to welcome the program, CLEAR promises that travelers can breeze through security in just five minutes with access to the CLEARlanes.

Where South Florida had a chat with Caryn Seidman-Becker, the chairwoman and CEO of CLEAR, about this new program coming to our very own airports.

Welcome to Miami! MIA is a major hub for national and Latin American flights.

We are thrilled to launch CLEAR in Miami – a city focused on growth and innovation. Miami International Airport serves more than 40 million passengers every year, a number that will continue to increase. CLEAR and Miami International Airport are both dedicated to creating a secure and reliable travel experience for residents and visitors, alike.

Can we expect CLEAR to also come to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach’s international airports?

The more places CLEAR members can use our fast touch technology, the happier they are.  So we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our coverage- whether it is at airports throughout the country as well as in other places, such as baseball stadiums. We love the South Florida market and are excited to bring CLEAR to as many locations as possible.

How does CLEAR differ from other programs available at airports right now to speed through security, such as TSA Pre Check?

At CLEAR, we are obsessed with the customer experience and leveraging technology to ensure a seamless process. We are fully compatible with TSA PreCheck, so PreCheck eligible travelers get the best of both worlds by first verifying their identity with our smart kiosks and then leaving their coats and shoes on through screening.

How does CLEAR balance safety/security with convenience?

CLEAR’s technology has been Safety Act-certified by the Department of Homeland Security.  CLEAR has now been used over 2 million times and has helped our members save over 60 million minutes. With CLEAR’s automated process, travelers can plan their trip as efficiently as possible because it is guaranteed that they will be able to go through a CLEAR lane. CLEAR is transforming the airport security experience and creating a new class of travel, the Fast Class. A stress-free customer experience now starts the moment you walk through our lanes.


Originally published in WhereTravaler online.

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