Rising Strong

After using the power of meditation to triumph over tragedy, Pam Butler takes to the air waves, empowering others with her valuable lessons.

Pam Butler believes she can lead a blissful life. The yoga and meditation instructor, who will debut her radio show, “Return to Life,” this month on VividLife Radio, has reshaped her life’s work to give others that same belief. But things weren’t always so clear.

Nearly two decades ago, Butler suffered from the darkest time in her life. Three weeks after almost dying in the delivery room giving birth to her daughter, her father passed away unexpectedly from cancer. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, she was wracked with anxiety and then depression, which rendered her bedridden. She was given a strong cocktail of medications, then given more to care for a newborn.

Butler knew she couldn’t sustain this lifestyle and sought to make a change.

“I felt that there had to be another way to manage what I was going through,” she says. “There had to be a better way to maange my care and treatment, and I wanted to get better.”


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