Male Supremacy Group to Hold Meetup Friday – Women, Gays Not Welcome


A neo-masculinity group is planning an international meetup day on Friday for members of the “tribe” to meet one another in person.

Return of Kings, founded in 2012, is a “small but vocal collection of men in America today who believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine.”

On its site, the group says that “women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting.”

The 165 meetups of ROK members are scheduled in 43 different countries in 165 different places, including in West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando. Instructions have been given to the men to meet at a location and find each other by asking “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?”

The most meetups in the U.S. appear to be planned in Texas.

The group believes the feminist movement, as well as socialism, cultural Marxism, and social justice warriors have hindered the rights of men and damaged masculinity and male sex roles. For newcomers, group has a list of its top 35 articles to read to get a good idea of its beliefs. The articles include “This Accidental Experiment Shows the Superiority of Patriarchy,” “Women Should Not Be Allowed to Vote,” and “The Intellectual Inferiority of Women.”

Its founder, Roosh Valizadesh, made waves when he wrote a post in 2015 proposing that rape on private property be made legal in an effort to stop rapes from happening.

“If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone. If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of… Less women will be raped because they won’t voluntarily drug themselves with booze and follow a strange man into a bedroom, and less men will be unfairly jailed for what was anything but a maniacal alley rape.”

“Until then, this devastating rape culture will continue, and women who we treat as children will continue to act like children.

Due to immense backlash to news of the international meetup, the controversial group has hidden some of its meeting locations and only members who have been active on the site will be able to get access to them. The greatest outrage appears to come from Australia, where public officials and activists have been vocal on social media encouraging men not to participate in the meets up and thousands of people have signed petitions to stop the meetings.

In fact, Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton may go as far as canceling any visa request from Valizadesh, who on Twitter claimed he would come to the country because of the outrage.

“These attitudes from the Stone Age are simply not welcome here in Queensland,” said Annastacia Palaszczuk, premier of Queensland, according to The Brisbane Times.


Originally published in South Florida Gay News.

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