The Advocate: Vance Aloupis

A champion of children and education reform, Vance Aloupis left a career in law in 2010 to join the startup Children’s Movement of Florida. Six years later, the father of two girls has risen to lead the nonprofit as its new CEO. He talked with INDULGE about getting healthcare access for Florida kids and about getting his own kids to bed.

You’ve been with the foundation since its beginning. What led you there?

“It was really an aligning of interests — a passion for politics, public policy, and a real interest in education reform — that led me to the organization. We’ve been in existence now for six years, and we’ve built a solid base of almost 100,000 supporters across the state, and we’ve begun to make real progress.

Why are children’s causes important to you?

“My passion has always been education reform. When I was in law school, the vast majority of my time as teaching in a juvenile correction center in Miami-Dade. While I was doing my best to help these young men, so many of the issues that are dealing with were lack of investments far earlier in their life.”


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