This local celebrity chef lets us in on her favorite things, that you’ll want in your own home today

A celebrity chef for over a decade, Chef Danie Abraham describes her style as “super eclectic,” using the influence of her Caribbean roots and travels to tickle the taste buds of clients from Drake, Pharrell Williams, Oprah and Kylie Jenner. Here, we feature her preferred essentials, which can be purchased and sent to your home with a quick click online.


“With Truff Hot Sauce, I feel like they have their own lane when it comes to hot sauce and it just tastes good on every single thing. My favorite one is the Red, the hotter sauce.” $17.98,


“I actually had the hangover ramen from Go Bistro when I was hungover. It has spam in it and eggs, so it’s almost like a breakfast brunch ramen. The hot broth wakes you up.” Go Bistro, 315 Northwest 25th Street in Miami; 786-332-3597;


“I like smoky sushi, and also smoke my cocktails. A lot of people are surprised when I give them a dish you wouldn’t think would have any smoke flavor in it at all.” $99.95; Williams Sonoma, 8888 Southwest 136th St #470, Miami; 305-378-5046;

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