Road Wars

In July 2020, Laura Finley was pulling out of the Dania Beach Library to head home after dropping off a library book. But as she pulled onto Park Avenue, a one-way road, to start heading east on Dania Beach Boulevard, a vehicle suddenly smashed into the side of her sedan. Within a matter of seconds, … Continue reading Road Wars

Here’s Where To Watch The Annual Winterfest Boat Parade

Every year, one million people watch the lit-up vessels in the Winterfest Parade—it is a Fort Lauderdale tradition, after all. Want to beat the crowds clamoring along the 12-mile route? Check out our picks of restaurants and hotels hosting viewing parties for this year’s event. Ford Grandstand Viewing Area Get the party started early with the … Continue reading Here’s Where To Watch The Annual Winterfest Boat Parade

A Long Walk

Fort Lauderdale continues to experience rapid, sustained population growth. The question isn’t whether the city will continue changing into a more urban, crowded place – it will. The question is what we do about it. If you want to show a visitor where Las Olas Boulevard is, simply point to the construction crane. From the … Continue reading A Long Walk