New documentary takes a look LGBT youth homelessness


Walking to Penn Station to visit family in New Jersey, Cal Skaggs always saw groups of teenagers hanging around. Armed with backpacks and wandering around seemingly aimlessly, Skaggs wondered what their story was.

The answer came in 2012 when he saw an interview on a local cable station with Carl Siciliano, the founder of the Ali Forney Center, a homeless shelter for young LGBT people. He explained that New York City alone has more than 40,000 homeless kids — a large percentage of them are LGBT.

Moved by the statistic and the fact that he had walked by these kids so many times, Skaggs, the founder of Lumiere Productions decided to spread the word by making a documentary — “A Road to Home.”

“They come from families that get rid of them,” Skaggs explained. “What drew me to a deeper and deeper immersion in this subject and these people was they’re just like you and me. They have the same needs that we do for love and security.”

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