Gay Marriage Expected to Boost Local Economy

Courtesy Eau Palm Beach

Courtesy Eau Palm Beach

Study shows marriage equality will create up to 2,600 full and part-time jobs in Florida

Just six days into 2015, the year has already proven to be a landmark one for the LGBT community.

Late into the night, the ban on same-sex marriage was lifted and couples across the state celebrated by tying the knot with the loves of their lives. However, some are planning on forgoing the courthouse and going through the motions of planning a wedding — all good news for Florida’s economy.

“Anybody who does weddings, venues, caterers, hotels, restaurants — everybody is going to gain,” Peggy M. Lewis said. “A lot of people would love Fort Lauderdale and Miami as a destination site.”

Lewis owns Florida Ceremonies, where for 13 years she has served as a life cycle celebrant and writes ceremonies for different life occasions. Before gay marriage was legalized in other states, about a third of her clients were same-sex commitment ceremonies. Then, when states started to legalize gay marriage, people flocked to Massachusetts, New York, and other states where they could legally get married.

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