QAnon’s ‘SaveOurChildren’ Slogan Has Long Anti-LGBT History

Courtesy of Stonewall National Museum and Archives. Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen recently shared devastating news with her social media followers: she and her husband, singer John Legend, had lost their child halfway through her pregnancy. She shared heartbreaking black-and-white photos of the couple at the hospital, including her clutching a tiny blanket bundle … Continue reading QAnon’s ‘SaveOurChildren’ Slogan Has Long Anti-LGBT History

Of Human Bondage

The nasty secret of human trafficking in South Florida is out—here is one woman’s story, and what local lawmakers are doing about it.  Cindy Alvarado was actually at a graduation party. It was a rare night that she was not  turning tricks—but she was tired. Empty. Going through the motions. She recalls the exact moment her pimp, “Grace,” rounded the … Continue reading Of Human Bondage