Core Concepts


Renato Silva poses for a photograph at 2.2 Fitness in Ft. Lauderdale on January 21, 2016. (PHOTO / Edward Linsmier for Venice Magazine)

On the brink of opening a new wellness facility, trainer Renato Silva is making fitness goals attainable.

Fitness trainer Renato Silva, every day is filled with a series of numbers: reps, sets, pounds, time—even the names of his businesses. The owner of 2.2 Fitness and the soon-to-open Gravity 21 chose the numbers for very special reasons: The former opened on July 22, 2011, while the latter’s number is rooted in superstition.

“Gravity is force, it’s power, it’s core,” Silva says of the new wellness center’s name. “And 21 is a lucky number for me and my partners.”

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