Strictly Ballet Web Series

Miami City Ballet School

Miami City Ballet School

The performance season may have ended this past weekend for the Miami City Ballet School, but the pliés and tondues will continue in the web series, “Strictly Ballet.”

The Teen Vogue series is in its second season, after spending last year showcasing the rigorous dance program at the School of American Ballet in New York City. This season, the dancers at the MCBS are the focus, with an inside look at classes, the demands of balancing school and dance, and trying to make it to the top.

The MCBS has both boys and girls studying the art from ages 3 to 18. Those in the pre-professional track from 14 to 18 practice up to 30 hours a week and can live at residence halls.

To watch our city’s future ballet stars, check out the premiere of “Strictly Ballet” season two on May 20th.

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