The Sublime Passion of Duende

Courtesy of Broward County

Courtesy of Broward County

Broward’s yearlong 100th anniversary celebration ends with Duende, a three-day celebration organizers hope will become an annual party.

Last June, it had been over a month of brainstorming for the creative minds behind Broward’s 100’s culminating event, more than a month of wracking their brains to come up with a name for the finale that would close out Broward County’s yearlong 100th anniversary celebration. The five artists chosen by the county had met outside of county meetings, by the riverfront, restaurants on Las Olas, and at bars to get the juice flowing.

But nothing seemed to have “it.”

Jim Hammond, one of the five, was up one night battling insomnia and a racing mind when he started watching episodes of Anthony Boudain’s Parts Unknown. While the globe-traveling chef was speaking with a guide in a Spanish neighborhood bubbling with flamenco, Hammond heard him ask, “What is duende?”

Duende,” the guide answered,” is the artist reaching the sublime.”

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